Thursday, February 15, 2007

Korean Road Rules vs The Nate's World

RoboNate[nate sez]: Okay, so here I am, minding my own business, walking down the street at my usual frenetic pace ranting and raving about some crazy thing we ate, or wondering aloud whether we should or shouldn't eat dog in Korea, and what the ethical implications of that are, when from behind our nice stride on the sidewalk, a goddamn scooter swerves around us and blazes down the sidewalk.


Safe Scooting SeoulFollowing my enraged curses and streams of profanity in every single language I could muster, the same damn thing happened again! Apparently, in Seoul, where the people are very nice and helpful, and the pace of life rather easy and smooth, it is completely acceptable - no, in fact common freaking practice - for meat-headed scooter freaks to weave in and out of pedestrian traffic ON THE SIDEWALK even when there is perfectly enough room for them on the massive boulevard which they are avoiding.

Due to the fact that this has happened no less than 17 times during our short stay in Seoul, we may in fact, have to have a hearty bowl of puppy chow and raise our Soju glasses to Lassie stew, simply because of the sidewalk riding, homicidal scooter wielding maniacs. It doesn't have to make sense, I just feel that something needs to be done.

Meow... I mean woof... I mean dinner.

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